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Most Beautiful & Colourful Wedding 




INSTAGRAM: @alicekathryn_ @penberry_

WEDDING DATE: 05/10/19

WEDDING LOCATION: The Riverside, Stratford-Upon-Avon

WHERE DID YOU MEET: Third year at De Montfort University both “modelling” (term used VERY loosely) in a charity fashion show.

WEDDING STYLE: Colourful surprise wedding with bonus dinosaurs!


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We always knew we weren’t “traditional wedding people”, don’t get us wrong we love weddings and some of our nearest and dearest have had amazing pretty traditional days and we’ve had the best time celebrating their love but it was just never very us.

Ben floated the idea of a surprise wedding around a while ago and I never expected we would actually do it… But we did! It meant we didn’t have all the hype, the constant conversation about nothing but the wedding and it took a lot of the stress and pressure a wedding can bring off us. Also it took away that expectation, people just came to celebrate our engagement and have a party and instead we surprised them by getting married! We really didn’t care that they hadn’t got their hair done or bought a new outfit we just wanted them there! It was exactly the relax unique and happy day we’d always dreamed of.

We got married at 5pm which meant we had all morning together (everyone always says they didn’t have enough time just bride and groom on their big day) before doing a first look with our photographer once we were all dressed up! This meant we got all of the photos of us done and out the way before we walked down the aisle together after revealing the surprise we were getting married. Post ceremony we could head straight into the party and people didn’t have to do all that waiting around that usually occurs at weddings.

We created all our decorations ourselves including a senbazuru (1000 paper cranes) to bring good fortune as origami has a special meaning to us, Ben folded me a paper bird the first night we kissed. We loved how colourful and us the venue ended up looking.
We had the best most us day and wouldn’t change a thing.


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Willowby by Watters – Heartleaf Dress from @Annawoodbridal

@ASOS suit

WEDDING BUDGET: Between £7000 and £8000


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Lizzie – @shootitmommaphoto

WEDDING HAIR: Hair by Danni Jones @hairbydlj

WEDDING FLOWERS: Lois Little Garden Flowers


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WEDDING FOOD: It was really important for everything edible at the wedding to be vegan so we could eat away without a worry. We had an epic Mexican feast.
We also had an amazing doughnut wall which was from @thesteamhousebakery

ANY TIPS ON GUESTS, FAMILY: You can’t please everyone but the reality is when it comes down to it they love you, want you to be happy and want to be there to join you in your happiness.


Getting married later in the day is a really good way to save a few £££s as food ends up being the most expensive thing and it means you only have to feed people once!
Our photographer was amazing and worth every penny but was also our biggest expense, having the wedding later meant we could save a couple of hours charge!

WEDDING FAVOURS: The classic sweetie bar with personalised love hearts, all the sweets went down a treat and were from @theconsciouscandycompany

TIPS FOR FUTURE BADASS BRIDES: Do what you want and do it how you want it – if you’re having a good time the people that matter the most and love you will have a good time knowing you’re happy!



Alice & Ben xxx





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