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HAPPY COUPLE: Vincent and Alexis Jarus


Vincent: @yourcuhzvinny
Alexis: @merced3za

WEDDING DATE: January 25, 2020

WEDDING LOCATION: Spokane Courthouse


We met at a two day metal show here in Spokane, which was at a venue called The Pin. First night he accidentally hit me on the head while in the pit, but we didn’t actually meet until the second day because I photobombed him and his best friend.

Also it turned out that he lived in the same apartment complex as my friends and I would see his hand built motorcycle out front and always enjoyed looking at the handy work, only to find out when going over to his place that it was his bike! We truly believe we were meant to meet at some point in our lives.


We did not want to stick with tradition, as it can be very costly and didn’t fit us at all. We are both spontaneous and enjoyed the thrill of eloping at a courthouse. He wore a band tee, slacks, a blazer and his vans while I wore a pink dress, floral leather jacket and vans. This alternative/grunge theme suited us best!


Just how we wanted it, very laid-back and went with the flow. We both got ready “together” at our place but did not reveal the final look until our party, and photographer Becca were there to capture the moments. We all met up at the Spokane courthouse and had a quick ceremony in front of our immediate family and closest friends. Afterwards we all met up downtown at a quiet and intimate Indian restaurant and proceeded to celebrate our marriage.


This was why we eloped. The money to spend on a medium to large sized wedding was at our disposal, but we did not feel comfortable spending thousands on one day but rather use the funds for traveling abroad and getting ourselves well prepared to become homeowners. After courthouse fees and other expenses we still had a blast not even spending $500 for the whole elopement!


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Becca @thepapertigerphotography

WEDDING FOOD: Our favorite Indian restaurant, Mango Tree.

BUDGET SAVING IDEAS:  Get eloped! If you both do not mind saving money and keeping things simple this would be a perfect way to save money for bigger and better things in the future!

TIPS FOR FUTURE BADASS BRIDES: Stop stressing and enjoy yourself! Do what makes you and your spouse happy, not what your family will approve of… this is YOUR big day and you can make it however you want it.


Vincent & Alexis


LOve .

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