Heather & Matthew’s Wedding


Badass wedding couple Covid 19




Heather & Matthew’s

Divine Colorado Wedding

They would not let a pandemic get in the way of Love

they just Eloped.





Ahhh… 2020… Who knew that this year would be the year that facial masks would be our most popular accessory ?!  Or, for that matter, who knew that so many brides and grooms would have to postpone or cancel their dream weddings—along with graduations being cancelled and proms rescheduled.

When it comes to weddings, does it really matter what or where, or who is there?!  As long as you have each other, and as long as you have LOVE, that’s all that really matters.

My husband & I met online back in 2013 (let me interject—we did NOT meet on a dating website, haha).  We “met” thru a shared love of fitness and health—he messaged me out of the blue for advice as he had followed my many popular blogs & posts regarding nutrition, health & fitness.

We slowly developed a friendship as I coached him in personal training.   I eventually moved from Texas to Colorado in 2016, to be closer to my family, but I still wasn’t interested in dating anyone—so I kept him in the friend zone, despite his very persistent and aggressive advances.

We met on 3 separate occasions to hang out as friends, but things remained very platonic across the span of nearly 4 years.  I eventually accepted an actual date with him, on the condition that he came up with something unique & out of the blue — and I (mean girl fashion) gave him a task to find my favorite beer for our date—which I knew he could never find in Colorado.

That date was the beginning of an amazing friendship, partnership, and eventually, he proposed me on February 2, 2019.  We married in the courthouse in Pensacola Beach, FL on 3/25/19, with the plan to have our dream wedding in front of all our friends & family on 3/25/2020 at the Landshark/Margaritaville, Pensacola Beach.

Of course, COVID19 hit and shutdowns happened nationwide. We decided to elope to a secluded cabin up in the mountains just a few hours away from our house as a mini-get away, so he could finally see “the dress’ and we could recite our vows to each other.

It was just the 2 of us.  It was his idea to pose with masks he’d acquired at the fire station and one of our favorite beers, Corona just to “mark the times we’re living in”.  Cheers to all you beautiful, badass brides out there—remember it’s not the location or the people there—your day is just about the two of you!  Be flexible and be-YOU-tiful 🥰




Heather & Matthew



Check out the photo’s taken by Heather herself , AMAZING, such a badass.

Book her on www.heathersebestaphotography.com











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