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Jessica and Adam’s

Fairy Tale and a little bit Rock & Roll wedding

What a fun wedding 

So much inspiration and fun right here.




WEDDING COUPLE:  Jessica and Adam

INSTAGRAM: @daydreamgypsyqueen

WEDDING DATE: February 1, 2020

WEDDING LOCATION: Indian Hills Country Club in Marietta, GA


On December 3, 2011 in a land far, far away…ok, maybe not THAT far way. It was Florida. The land was Florida. That’s beside the point!

So…there were these 2 people mostly intent on not having a relationship, at all. They saw one another whilst attending a barbeque…for zombies. Eyes locked across the room and they ran in the other direction.

The night wore on and they eventually spoke because of mutual friends and all that jazz. They spoke a few times, planned a few things that didn’t work out, then eventually met up again on New Year’s Eve.

There were longing glances, an exchanged kiss (or several hours of them!), and they were all in from that very moment. These two folks were doomed…to a forever of happily ever afters♡♡♡

. unique wedding - bride to be


OR i guess you could use this:

We met in December of 2011 at a zombie themed BBQ.  We saw one another from across the room and both ran. We were head over heels from the start.  We had mutual friends that led us to spending time together and sharing contact info that night.  Several weeks later we actually got the nerve to chat and we met up on New Years Eve at another event.  We kissed that night and never looked back.

WEDDING STYLE:  A little bit of a Fairy Tale, a little bit Rock & Roll

. unique wedding - bride to be




The day of, was both very intense and very relaxed.  For the most part, getting ready and to the club was easy.  There was a lull whilst getting dressed and putting on makeup and we both had a couple of drinks.

Once the photographer arrived, things began to get moving.  She took care of all the detail shots and the groom’s shots were taken first. The bridal shots were completed, and then it was time to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony started at 4pm and was held outdoors. It was a bit windy and cold, and had rained a little bit earlier in the day (but that’s said to be lucky!).

We didn’t have a large wedding (only 40 guests) and no bridesmaids or groomsmen.  Adam’s nieces and nephews brought the rings down the aisle. I walked down the aisle to All For Love by Bryan Adam’s, Sting, and Rod Stewart.

. unique wedding - bride to be



The vows were even a little offbeat. He promised never to hinder my book addiction and I promised never to block video game consumption!

Millionaire by Chris Stapleton saw us off.  We took photos while the guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. We entered the reception to Slaughter’s Spend Your Life.   We spent the night dancing and enjoying the absurd buffet of sweets.

We cut the cake with an axe, whilst Pour Some Sugar played in the background. The food and drinks were perfect. The coordinator was amazing. Spending time with closest friends and family was the best. The wedding was perfect.  I married my best friend. And at the end of the day,  that’s all that matters.






Dress:  Melissa Sweet

Shoes: a gift from a best friend.

Necklace: a gift from the groom and a replica of The Even star from Lord of the Rings.



Rachel at Mike Moon Studios



rock n roll wedding




My friend Victoria Nizzari (who is a hairstylist) wove the decorative wire into my hair and my mum helped get the veil in.

I did my own makeup.

DID YOU DO FOOD AND IF SO WHAT:  We did a buffet style menu.  We had 2 types of salad, 3 types of meats, various veggies, and a mashed potato bar!  We also served 3 different types of Hors D’oeuvres during the cocktail hour and had an open premium bar.

. unique wedding



The groom dug through his closet and found a lovely vintage jacket from Shrine of Hollywood, black jeans, a nice new black button up, a funky HexTie, and cowboy boots.

There was no bridal party. Grooms niece and nephew held rings for us.


You don’t actually need a seating chart.  People are 100% capable of chairs for themselves!

Make sure you have someone to help coordinate and that this person is aware or any issues that could come up.

. unique wedding - bride to be



 BUDGET SAVING IDEAS:  Don’t discount dollar stores!  Vases and votive holders can get expensive.  I found mine at the dollar store, and definitely shop smart for flowers.

Shop smart and be flexible!  The first thing you see might not have the best price & you may end up liking something else better in the end anyway.  Oh!  And read your contracts, keep copies, and don’t throw away reciepts!

. unique wedding - bride to be



WEDDING FAVOURS:  We did a few different types of favors.  1/4 of our guests were kids so we had glow sticks, flower crowns, inflatable guitars, and coloring books for them.  We also gave out keys that double as bottle openers for the adults.


Take a moment to yourselves after the ceremony.  5-10 minutes helps.

And don’t forget to have fun!


Cake and cupcakes by Sweets and Treats by Andria

Donuts by Dunkin




Jessica and Adam



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