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Alternative Wedding Ideas





Alternative boutineers

looking for an alternative ideas for the groom, instead of flowers for a boutineer. Why not try  these fun themes:  guitars, Dice, Guitar pics, Superhero toys, seashells. The world is your oyster, why not play it up and have fun:)


Alternative boutonniere


Bridesmaids Lanterns

If you don’t fancy wedding flowers for your wedding , why not fun cute lanterns for the bridesmaids to carry down the aisle. So pretty and unique, plus your bridesmaids will receive a fantastic keepsake.


wedding bouquet alternative ideas


Bouncy Castles

If you just want a mad as a hatter party,  I mean just a ton of fun, and  you think you may have the wedding crowd to match,:) why not hire a bouncy castle for all ages. They are cheap to hire and a ton of fun, your wedding guests will have a great laugh. ( imagine the photo’s lol )

Awesome bouncy castles

bouncy castles



Guests Flower Bouquet

What a fantastic way of  saving money and so personal, hand everyone in the wedding aisle seats –   wedding bouquet flower and they can hand you as you walk down the aisle, so you can build a wedding bouquet as you go. What a  lovely and personal idea  just for you and  the guests.


alternative wedding bouquet


Sketch artists for weddings

What a fab idea having a wedding sketch artist. Why not  draw you and your guests and capture special wedding moments. A real sweet way to capture the day and what a great afternoon wedding idea.


wedding sketch artist


Unique wedding favours 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be thoughtful. I think wedding favours are important to show you care and it’s not just one way event. Remember guests are paying to come to your wedding and all the expenses involved, on top of this a wedding gift.  Honestly making gifts or even fun silly cheap ones, still show you are thinking of your wedding guests.


alternative wedding favours


Wedding snacks

Weddings are super long, sure you have a  posh dinner set fora certain time,  but why not have a few snacks on the tables. Weddings work because you have family and friends – make it the most comfortable and happy wedding you can, plus the guests will brag about it 🙂


wedding snacks



50s Diner songs 

You know these 1950’s wedding diners with the juke boxes, why not have a twist on this idea. Place the name of the song on the table, and when the song is played at the wedding, the wedding guests at this table have to get up and dance.

elvis-presley- 50s diner

Sparkler photo

This is an awesome wedding  photo idea, when the lights are down or during the wedding evening you may want to create an atmosphere for that perfect wedding  photo. Have the wedding guests, light a sparkler in one  hand, wave about and take an amazing wedding photo.

wedding sparkler


Wedding piñata

Super fun having a Piñata, so much fun, colourful wedding party fun for all.  They come in all sorts of gorgeous beautiful colours and so much fun that everyone can get involved  in the action –  such a fantastic wedding party game.


wedding pinata


Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are super fun with lots of colour for your wedding . Also an extra fun thing for your wedding party to be involved with . You can have your guests line up when you leave or enter a room, swinging around the ribbon wands to celebrate you.



wedding wands





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