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A micro wedding is a small wedding with generally 20 wedding guests or less.  A small wedding is more intimate less fuss and you get to spend more quality time with your guests and less overheads.  You can create more photo’s with your guests and honestly sometimes have more fun than a  big wedding as less to worry about and you can have more fun with the individuals you have invited.


Micro weddings




Prohibition,  speakeasy, 1920s gangster style wedding is seriously a bunch of fun with the coolest of outfits and usually affordable for everyone and no one complains about this theme as it is so damn cool. You can have the cool vintage cars, the guys can wear the awesome hats and suits and the dresses and hairstyle  for the women are gorgeous.


1920s wedding

louise barry photographer

1920s wedding cars

Danny klimoman

1920s weddingphotos by shawnee



A Spiritual Wedding ceremony is not based on religion, but perhaps scripts and rituals that declare your love and even awareness of a a greater being but with also perhaps rivals such as, Hand fasting,  Sand ceremony, planting a tree, sharing food and drinks, wine drinking, love letter ceremony, pass the rings around ceremony, Lasso ceremony, crown ceremony, rose ceremony, butterfly release ceremony, cleanse with water, Light a fire, pass the rope, jump a brook, make a time capsule

the list can go on but these are a great start


spiritual wedding

oaxaca ancestral




It’s. a little bit Vegas style and fu, Neon signs can add a bit of fun, use as an entrance welcome sign, to sit above the bride and groom’s table, above the food tables, or dance floors, lots of colour and fun vibe


neon wedding sign

.Wedding Neon Signs



Are for the environment conscious bride and groom, also a great way to recycle and save money. So you can buy stuff second hand saves money and let’s face it whatever your buying has probably been used once, this include decorations, table ware even to wedding clothes. Also Making stuff, its fun and saves money and the environment and it’s awesome to contribute to your own wedding.

Buy vintage and also when done donate to charity to be used again, Use venues who recycle. Use Bio degradable paper for invites, give plants as favours in ceramic pots. List goes on.

fable wedding dresses

Fable Wedding dresses

zielonakuchnia catering

Zielonakuchnia catering



check out this badass wedding Badass wedding






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