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proud cabaret burlesque baby



Burlesque Hen Parties

Burlesque parties can be a real bonding class with and such a giggle for a great bachelorette party.  Sexy but not over the top and a fun way to bring our your inner showgirl, they also feature other vintage style themed events.


ENGLAND –  Burlesque Baby – Burlesque Baby



Bollywood Bachelorette Party


if you love the oppulance and fun of a Bollywood film, why not dress up and be your own Bollywood Star for the day. Bollywood is so much fun, with gorgeous outfits and fun moves, why not dress up sparkling bangles, bindis and dupattas.  Lots of fun


Australia – Ignite Bollywood – Ignite Bollywood Australia



Bachelorette party Los Angeles


Manservants Bachelorette Party idea


So your having a get together and you may not want a particular theme for your bachelorette party and you may even have booked a space at maybe your home or a venue thats private for you and the gang. Then why not have a gorgeous guy dressed all fine, serving you drinks and food and to just give you fabulous compliments.


USA – Manservants – Manservants



French chateau.


French Chateau Bachelorette Party Getaway 

Fancy a fun getaway in a historic  French chateau, cosy set in beautiful surroundings, indulge in fantastic dinners, beautiful surrounding, indulge in wineries, pretty country towns and incredible scenery.


France –   Château des Broyers     Château des Broyers


.Snorkel & Picnic & boat ride Bali


Snorkel – Picnic – Boating in Bali

• Rise and shine, girls! The driver will be ready early in the morning to send you off to Sanur to get to your very own private motor boat (time TBC depending on the location of your villa) • As a gift, five customized floppy hats will wait for you. The perfect detail to bring your day to a whole new level! • You will then go on a 40-minute cruise to the first stop where you and your crew is going to be snorkeling and play with the manta rays (Nusa Penida) • Next stop is Crystal Bay, the heaven of colorful fishes. Imagine swimming with those adorable fellas! • Lastly, you will be making another stop before enjoying a fancy Parisian picnic on the deck with your girls • The boat will then drop you back to Sanur around mid afternoon where the driver will be ready to drive you to your villa to freshen up • At 7:00PM, time to show around your tan of the day: the driver will bring you to the colorful Motel Mexicola for a great night out! •


Bali – Babypoulette party in bali



Museum of Ice cream


Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream is fueled by the power of imagination and connection. We are not a traditional museum. We create multi-sensorial installations that connect people and spread joy. So, don’t expect ice cream history lessons. Here unicorns are real and everyone deserves a swim in the sprinkle pool. Expect the unimaginable around every corner.


Museum of Ice Cream is designed to take around an hour to an hour and a half.

A great fun experience for a bachelorette party

San Francisco   Museum of Ice Cream


Cooking classes bachelorette parties



Bachelorette Cooking classes

Saga Hill Cooking School started in 2007 with a mission to teach true culinary technique that you can put to practical use today. We get down to the matter of professional cooking and decadent eating in a hands on, experiential learning environment. Saga Hill opens our kitchen to everyone who walks through the door. We empower our guests to take risks and test their preconceived notions of cooking!

A fun idea for a yummy bachelorette party

Minneapolis, North Loop Loft, Lake Minnetonka:    Saga hill


visit Nashville bachelorette party


Visit Nashville

Visit the country music capital, honky tonk , country and awesome cowboy boots and hats. Visit the Johnny cash museum, drink whiskey and east a traditional Tennessee barbecue. check out the grand ole opry.

Nashville: Visit Nashville



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