In today’s world, people are becoming more inclusive and accepting of all people. Less people feel they have to hide behind how they feel and see life.

If this is how you feel about yourself, feel strong and proud of your choices. You can lean towards any direction in a Gender inclusive wedding.

You can have a wedding that there is no specific roles or expectations according to your gender or other people’s expectations.

A wedding that  is more inclusive and includes everyone to feel more equal and equally part.


Here is some Gender inclusive ideas



Wedding walks and Entrances.

Why not let people walk with who they are close too, or walk alone or their partners.



let people dance with who they want too, don’t feel obliged that you have too dance with someone or put other people in uncomfortable positions dancing with people they dont want too.


Let anyone who loves you do a speech, doesn’t have to be father of the bride, can be mother of the bride or all  parents and other important people in your life.



This is tricky as you may have an event with all generations, but if you have a choice maybe a 3rd bathroom that is non gender based.


trans wedding ideas


Wedding Invites

Why not make your wedding invitation’s more inclusive, dont have invites with titles,

maybe just use words such as  guest.


Pre wedding events – Stag and Hen – Bachelorette parties

Why not have inclusive pre-wedding events, if you have friends that you wish to celebrate with you, dont let gender stop you, it’s your wedding.


Wedding Titles

So you can do away with titles of Best man and Maids of Honour, Bridesmaids. there is no reason you cant swap genders for all these roles if this is what makes you happy.


gende free wedding ideas


Wedding Attire

Again you dont have to be traditional, you dont have to wear a wedding dress you can wear a suit and visa versa, and this goes the same for your wedding party


Non Gender Wedding Ceremony

This one you can work with a  marriage celebrant to help you word there part of the wedding words, and you can choose your own wedding vows accordingly.



There are lots of ways you can mix things up, changing words and opening traditional wedding practices and you might find a wedding that truly makes you happy


gender free wedding ideas




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