Bridesmaids – Who Pays ?



The Bridesmaid Dress

Gone are the days in making your bridesmaid look awful ( well we hope), really can a bridesmaid upstage a bride, well no.  Everyone is there for the bride in the 1st place…… So……find a dress you love and they like, and if your lucky maybe they can wear again, and yes the Bridesmaid pays for this.

If bridesmaids are buying there own dress, you can choose dresses the same or give them a choice of dresses.  eg:  3 different designs so to suit all body types.

Dresses that are really affordable – so many sites to choose from now, eg: ASOS, Forever 21 , miss guided

Miss Guided 


Forever 21


Extra note, ok its the brides day, but its also a coming together of love and happiness, and if you have potential issues with any potential bridesmaids, just dont ask them, peace is so much more fun. 🙂


Hair & Makeup

It is up to the bridesmaid to pay for there own hair and make up,  some girls are great at hair and make up and don’t need to pay for someone. However if the bride insists that they have professional hair and makeup, then the cost falls to the bride.



When people live local it’s no problem for them for accommodation, but out of town bridesmaids may need help, so if you can source this bit for them, that would be very appreciated, also note,  if you insist on a hotel the night before to spend time with them, then this cost is on the bride, no matter if they live local or not.

If a bridesmaid chooses to stay in a hotel then this bill is their responsibility.


Shoes and accessories 

Brides don’t generally pay for shoes and accessories,  this is on the bridesmaid, and  of course a choice if the bride wants to pay, it is also a great idea for a bridesmaids gift to perhaps buy the jewellery or clutch or something.


Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts, should be a personal present for them to remember the day, a thank you gift for helping, and being part of your special day and just an appreciation of your friendship. Ideas: Monogrammed bags, champagne flutes, personalized pj’s. jewellery etc..


Wedding Gifts from the Bridesmaid 

This should not be expected from the bridesmaids, a bonus if they do. 🙂


Bachelorette / Hen party

This one is out of the bride’s hands :   décor, activities, food and drink are to be paid for by the bridesmaid’s. Brides should just chill and enjoy this one, however don’t be afraid to let them know things you like, or dont like, but let it be a surprise anyway.

If any of your bridesmaids are out of town, don’t put an expectation on them coming to this, if they can not afford it


Bouquets, Corsages

This one is on the bride and groom  to pay for and organize.


Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are meant to be light and fun, and should be organized by bridesmaids or someone in the brides family. The expense should be shared between the bridesmaids and or family members, of course someone may suggest to cover this.

In regards to gifts, there is no minimal price you can spend, token gift to expensive gift are all ok, basically what you love and can afford.


Be an Ear for the Bride

One job of a bridesmaid is to be an ear, it is always nice to get a girlfriends opinion on matters.











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