Wedding Trends 2019






When your best buddy is a man – why not.



Just as above – why not your female friends.


Colourful confetti

Why?, because it is colourful loud and fabulous.


Interactive Food Stations

This is personal and just a delicious idea.


Seed Wedding Favours

Wedding seed favours are sweet, affordable and simply positive.


Pampass Grass

Stunning and natural, a great way  to decorate your wedding with, or use in

your wedding bouquet or wedding flowers.


Statement Headpieces

Go big and bold, with gorgeous pieces, be that true queen for a day.


Women Making Speeches

This should have always been the way.


Salt Ceremony

A beautiful idea, especially for non religious couples.

Gospel Choir

Hey, the best singers in the world, what a great idea.


Long Veils

Honey it is your day, go big and fabulous.


Wedding Artists

What a great idea having a live artist to capture your big day.




Valentine ideas or just great excuses for presents 🙂

Valentines gifts 2019


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