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Everyone Loves a Fairytale,

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Gorgeous Princess Bride and her Robin Hood.



WEDDING COUPLEBlaise & Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn- @Lunar.Lolita
Blaise- @Enzer_g

WEDDING DATE: September 16th, 2018

WEDDING LOCATION: Longbridge site at Saratoga Springs Events & Weddings, Saratoga CA


Wedding party group hugsGrooms men lifting Robin Hood



HOW AND WHERE DID YOU MEET: We met as roommates! Neither of us were looking to get into a relationship at the time but after a few weeks of playing video games in the living room and a couple of long chats, we realized that we had a connection that we couldn’t ignore. We weren’t sure that it would be a good idea to start a relationship from being roommates but six years later, I think we can both can say that the risk was definitely worth it.

WEDDING THEME: Robin Hood Men in Tights and his Princess Bride.


Robin Hood and his Princess bride adorable




Have you ever experienced something that’s so perfect that you are suspicious? That was our wedding day.

There were two factors that were important to us when planning our wedding day:
1. We wanted it to feel more like a family/friend reunion rather than just a wedding
2. We had to have a costumed wedding and to our surprise, 95% of our guests showed up in a themed costume! (Even our DJ came in costume)

Music from the shire played as friends and family arrived and took their seats while the wedding party anxiously waited for their queue to start walking down the lawn. All of our ceremony music came from Legend of Zelda symphonic albums and created the perfect fantasy atmosphere:

Processional- Kakariko Village
After the wedding party finished walking to the front, Blaise and his “Merry Men” staged a skit where they all surrounded him and made sure he looked good, e.g. fixed his hat, brushed off his shoulders, had him take a swig from a flask. Our guests loved it.

Flower Girl & Bride- Great Fairy Fountain
Instead of flower petals, we had our flower girl drop large autumn maple leaves. It matched our venue perfectly!

The Ceremony- “Mawage. Mawage is what  today…”
Blaise and I aren’t a fan of long ceremonies so we decided to recite The Princess Bride wedding scene practically word for word including the parts, “skip to the end” and “Man and wife, say MAN AND WIFE.” It resulted in one of the fastest ceremonies of all time- we had guests coming up to us during the reception to thank us for the speediness.

Recessional- Windwaker Opening

Our first dance was a choreography to The Addams Family Tango. There were a good amount of steps to remember and I am naturally quite clumsy, so we decided to do the dance just before dinner. It was a huge weight off our shoulders and we were able to properly relax and celebrate during our meal (drink).

Some of our favorite moments from our wedding day:
– Seeing our guests don the elf ears that we handed out as favors
– Our Best Man’s speech. He’s not only Blaise’s brother, but he is also our over-the-top Dungeon Master for our Dungeons & Dragons game so you can only imagine what he could come up with for a fantasy themed wedding speech. It ended with the entire wedding giving him a standing ovation and cheering…
– Blaise cutting our cake with his LOTR Anduril replica sword
– Looking over at our bonfire and seeing one of Blaise’s Merry Men spinning poi for our guests
– Seeing all of our guests on the dance floor in their renaissance themed costumes
– Having our dog, Gannon, in the ceremony with us!


Black and white Robin Hood, princess bride and royal dogtoasting at the wedding




I wore two dresses on my wedding day. One for the aisle and one for the reception.

The dress I wore down the aisle was a modest vintage gown that I found at a thrift store for only $100! It was in great condition and it fit perfectly. I made my veil from a soft tulle material.

I am a costumer and made my own reception dress. A lot of inspiration for this dress came from designers like Paolo Sebastian and Elie Saab. It’s one of my most favorite things I’ve ever made!
Instagram @lunar.lolita

GROOM DESIGNER: Blaise’s Doublet was made by Pendragon Costumes (IG @pendragoncostumes) and his hat was made by Dainty Janes on Etsy. We found the rest of his outfit on Amazon.


wedding family under the arch of flowerswedding family





PHOTOGRAPHERLocal Embers IG @localembers

HAIR / MAKE UP:  Hair by Catherine Casabianca (not just one of my best friends but also a total hair wizard). IG @Topknottresses I did my own makeup.


It was important to me that I found a venue that included food and Saratoga’s menu was absolutely delicious. It was served buffet style and included steak, chicken, vegetarian, and gluten free options!

Our dessert vendor was Natalie Pearce (IG @lovenattycakes). We opted for a personal sized cake surrounded by bite-sized desserts to create a delicious dessert bar for our guests. Everything looked stunning and it was a big hit.


wedding hugs



WHAT DID THE BRIDESMAIDS WEAR: I gave my bridesmaids 6 different dresses to choose from off of They were all in the same color family so it all depended on what kind of cut they wanted to wear.


I was having a hard time figuring out our estimate guest count but then I came across this formula and it ended up being surprisingly accurate:

(# of out of town guests * 65%) + (# of local guests * 90%) = total # estimated to attend.

WEDDING FAVOURS: We gave out elf ears as wedding favors and most of our guests ended up wearing them before the ceremony even began- it was a huge success!


first dance wedding partygroomsmen and bridesmaids




1. As with any large event, there will always be small details that get overlooked or something that isn’t perfect and the most important thing you can do is to not sweat it! Chances are, your guests won’t even notice it. Try your best to go with the flow on the day of your wedding and you will be infinitely happier.

2. In my opinion, veils seem outrageously expensive. I highly recommend any bride to look into making their own. It’s a lot easier than most would think.

3. Designate someone in your wedding party to be the official food/water person while you are getting ready for your wedding. Between answering texts, makeup, hair, and whatever else is going on, you’ll accidentally skip meals/water and it was so helpful to have someone to remind me of those things, hah!

4. Creating a wedding website is very easy and affordable. We made ours through Minted. It was great to have a site to direct guests to when they had a myriad of questions about the details surrounding the wedding.

5. I highly recommend looking into some simple breathing exercises. During the wedding process you will undoubtedly reach a point when you are feeling overwhelmed and it helps to have a way to calm yourself down!




Blaise & Kaitlyn




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