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DaRon & Angela’s Vintage Texas Wedding

When I received these stunning photo’s from Angela, I instantly was taken aback by the obvious bounty of beauty and love declared,  so divine the love just bounces of the images.

I have to say, what an exquisite couple, so gorgeous, and you can tell instantly they are no ordinary couple, and this also obvious, from the expression of love and happiness shared on the faces of family and friends. xxx




HAPPY COUPLE: DaRon Lawrence and Angela Sanchez


WEDDING DATE: June 9, 2018

WEDDING LOCATION: The Victory Arts Center in Fort Worth, Texas

WHERE DID YOU MEET: We met at work at a (children’s shelter)  during orientation


DESCRIPTION OF THE WEDDING DAY: Our wedding day was literally the best day of my life! We got married on a hot day in June, at a historic convenT,  built in 1909 (it was actually the convent used in the poplar 90’s movie “Problem Child” ).

I adored this building, as I went to the Catholic school next door for elementary school. and was convinced that the building was haunted by nuns (I swear I saw them peeking through the windows from time to time).

DaRon and I are in our mid 30’s, and have both never been married or had any children, so you might say we are late bloomers, but this made our day that more special, because it was a long time coming! It was truly worth the wait!

My dress was not a “wedding dress,” but an evening gown that I bought online (without trying on, or seeing in person) from Lord and Taylor. My veil was a family veil that  I had altered into a mantilla veil.

We decorated the venue with vintage wedding photographs, doilies and milk glass vases that we collected at estate sales, for over a year. We converted vintage dresser drawers into a snack bar with popcorn, moon pies and Cracker Jacks. We had an open bar and served tacos. We were introduced into our reception with a mariachi band trailing behind us. We danced all night! I tore my veil, a groomsman tore their pants, I sweated my hair out and woke up with huge blisters on my feet but it was totally worth it! BEST DAY EVER!

DRESS DESIGNER: Mac Duggal instagram: @macduggal


PHOTOGRAPHER: Derek Moore @amos413


Hair @charliegirlphotography
Makeup Mel Garcia @mmgmua

TIPS FOR FUTURE BADASS BRIDES: Just focus on having fun, things will go wrong but I swear you wont care because you will be on cloud nine! I saved money on flowers by using bud vases on each table centerpiece we only used one single rose so only ordered a 24 long stemmed roses. My flower girl didn’t throw flower petals (someone has to clean them up)but handed a single rose to the mother of the groom and placed a rose on a memorial table at the front of the altar for the mother of the bride. My bridesmaids didn’t carry bouquets but went down the aisle single file with chalkboard signs that spelled out “DaRon” “Just” “Wait” “Till” “You” “See” “Her”. They cost like 3 dollars each, must cheaper than bouquets!

Love Angela










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