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Justine and David BADASS BRIDE & GROOM

I love this D.I.Y wedding, The passion form the photo’s and words, are beaming through so much, I shed a tear reading this and taking in the stunning photo’s.









David and Justine are two friends of ours who love each other deeply and build strong bonds among their friends and family. With her epic betty-rocker style and his goofy, humble, love-struck looks, their wedding day was entirely full of genuine moments and collapsing into each other’s arms. We absolutely adored her wedding dress, showing off all those wonderful Dali tattoos & details. They did their first look outside of the getting-ready salon, and David’s reaction was enough to make anyone melt and envy a love like that.

The wedding took place in our Downtown Eau Gallie Arts District, here in Melbourne, Florida. David, the groom, was then working at the brewery which hosted the event, Intracoastal BreweryIt was a wonderful location where the beer was flowing and everyone danced freely all night on the patio.
We were given the opportunity to use some of the brewing equipment as a location setting for some of the end-of-the-night photos. Justine even baked the Red Velvet wedding cake, herself. Definitely a badass bride. Their celebration lasted into the night where the echo of their love reigned in the entire Arts District.




We had 120 people there, more people than RSVP’s haha
Advice:  TAKE THE HELP! As a DIY bride, I didn’t want to put anyone out and yet it could have been such a relief, if I would have let more people who wanted to help, help.

I was also a big fan of just the beer and wine. I have been to too many weddings, where everyone is sloshed, and it was nice to see people have fun while also keeping their cool!

David and I met years ago. when he came into my bar to do comedy. He was smitten with me at that moment, and I with him. Unfortunately, we both had other people in our lives for a few years, until the time we were both single and out of nowhere, he messaged me, and asked if I would like to go out, and that was that. I never looked back, never thought I would be with someone so amazing!

Our proposal happened in the comfort of our kitchen. We both (despite our photos) are not big event people, so a low key proposal was everything I could have wanted. He strung lights, and pulled out a bottle of beer from the Jester King Brewery we had been saving. It was perfect.

Our Budget was honestly as little as possible. We paid for our wedding ourselves, with a small, but appreciated, donation from my Brother and Dad. We just paid for things as they came up but to be honest it probably ended up being $5000. This was such a DIY wedding where I made everything from the centerpieces, to the wedding cake. I wanted this to be something I poured my heart into for us. I loved it!


Hair:  Misti Blu Day McDermott insta- @mistibluday
Make up: ME!! The Bride! -insta- @shiver_away
Dress:  David’s Bridal


Love Justine



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