Hand painted wedding cake ideas 2019



Lots of cool wedding trends coming for 2019, and hand painted wedding cake ideas  are coming in strong 2019, bigger and better.

Hand painted wedding cakes are unique and fun and are purely a creations of beautiful art, a wedding cake masterpiece. Also with  these wedding cake ideas you can create a beautiful wedding story, especially if you have a wedding cake tier.

I do believe a hand painted wedding cake is  a show stopper conversation maker, you  if your gong to invest in a fancy bespoke cake and you create your own story, then you know its unique to anyone in the world.

Hand painted wedding cake ideas 2019

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Beautiful with or without ribbon @Regran_ed from @sweetdropsofheaven – To say, I’ve been wanting to do a full hand painted wedding cake for nearly 3 years, is an understatement! Thank you so much to one of the most kindest and warm-hearted person I have had the pleasure of meeting. Mysha booked me to create her sister’s wedding cake when I first started caking, and has recommended other clients my way. So to be able to do her nikkah cake, was an absolute pleasure and a must. And when she mentioned, she wanted me to do hand painted flowers, it was a done deal 😂 Free hand painted this cake from sketches I did on paper. For once, I’m so pleased with the outcome. Ribbon, to stay or not to stay? Although all my #floursirens, my sister and sister in laws said no ribbon, I ended up keeping it on 🤦🏽‍♀️ It felt a bit bare without lol #sweetdropsofheaven #bespokeweddingcake #handpaintedcake #handpaintedflowers #edibleart #asianweddingcakes #asianweddings #whiteweddingcake #whitewedding #paintedweddingcake #handpaintedweddingcake #cakeart @bridesmagazine @brides @wedmegood @weddingcakesmag @weddingmagazine @southasianbridemagazine @asianatv @rockmywedding @cakemasters @satin.ice @renshawbaking – #regrann

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