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1920’s New York Wedding – Mila Daniel

I know there are a lot of 20s-inspired weddings these days, but few I have seen have been as elegantly and perfectly crafted as Daniel and Mila’s vintage glam wedding here in New York City, the West Village to be exact. I had no idea what I was in for when I showed up to 632 on Hudson, but holy moly! It took my breath away.

Every.little.detail was luxurious and beautiful.   The bridesmaids! The cake! The decor! I just can’t get enough.  Mila’s dress and accessories were things I would have chosen myself- but she rocked it all. I’m not sure my hair could ever look as authentically 20s as hers did, haha.

I loved everything about this wedding. But my favorite part was how much Dan adores Mila. It was so obvious. And I love to be part of telling stories in that way.  Take your time scrolling through these photos, there is so much to see…

Tahni Candelaria



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