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We are featuring some amazing bakers who create delicious wedding deserts, infact we think its some of the best wedding desert and wedding cake creators on instagram .


Cupcake Cones by Georgia and Verity – Sugar Tits London

An awesome trendy alt co, with a large celebrity following, check out their glittery fabulosity of creations.

I love cupcakes and this is  delightful alternative, so pretty, perfect for a wedding. the colours ar pretty, and it just a unique idea, decorative and pretty.

Sugar Tits London


Rose Cookies by Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh has a super fan base  on Insta, her food creations are artistic and beautiful.

Beautiful designed cookies or biscuits depending on what country your from, the immaculate details  with the decorating makes this a purely elegant treat.

Molly Yeh

Pink and Gold Leaf Donuts by Milkmaid Cakes

A beautiful company from Queensland, who create simply pretty designs and have nailed pastels colours, perfect for a pretty modern elegant on trend wedding.

Who does not love a donut, I have to say  prettiest donut I have seen yet  and perfect for a wedding desert, guests would be delighted.

Milkmaid Cakes


Cotton Candy Macarons by Madison Rose Bakery

A fabulous company specializing in wheat free, gluten free, dairy free treats.

Who does not love a delicious macaron, a fantastic wedding treat.

Madison Rose Bakery


Marshmallow Pops by Wendy Z Cake Pops

The sweet co specializing in cake pops, a personal favourite.

Yummy marshmallow cake pop on a stick, fun and delicious, a great win for children at a wedding.

Wendy Z Cake pops


Oreo and Strawberry Cheesecake by Petites Sucreries

A delightful co in London that creates high quality deserts.

Oreo and strawberry cheesecakes, perfect wedding desert. Gorgeous melt in the mouth deserts.

Petites Sucreries


French Praline Pastry by Studio 53 in France

Studio 53 is a beautiful fine creator of baked delights in France, mouth watering hand crafted French pastries and cakes, for that fine and traditional wedding party.


Studio 53


Strawberry Mouse by Coco Khoury Banquetes

A delightful co in Mexico, specializing in banquets and wedding occasions

Strawberry mouse, perfect wedding desert.

Coco Khoury Banquetes


Pavlovas by Hansel and Gretel Cakes

Brisbane based Baker and Cake Decorator with incredible designs, check the insta gallery to be dazzled.

Pavlova, a personal Aussie Fav – don’t miss Australian recipes for an authentic recipe.

Hansel and Gretel Cakes



Eton Mess Bombe by the Topless Baker 

Checkout the Topless Baker with another huge following on insta, and if yu see this vid and gallery you will see why.

A twist on a traditional English Desert, check the video.

Topless Baker



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