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Choosing your wedding entertainment can be a fun experience

Here our some tips to consider.



What do you need DJ or Band or both. This is all going to depend on your wedding venue if you can fit them into the space, and if the music type works for your guests and you.

The bonus of a band is simply live music is electric, and can be really powerful , spontaneous  and can create a real dynamic relationship with the guests, really nothing like live music.

If you can get a Dj with personality you can have a similar atmosphere, and a Dj can usually cater for a wider range of music selections.


For sure, you need to see if they fit for you and you really get on.

You will also find out how proffesional they are, by what they tell you, and how they engage with you. Make sure you have all your questions laid out and if you can meet them at the venue they can see layout and tech requirements.

You should meet them before the wedding to go over final details and music too.



Literally you need to see the size of the venue will a band or dj fit into the space, and ask the venue for videos of previous events. Also ask about power sources and do they supply any sound equipment eg: speakers, and do they have an area the band can be in between sets, eg green room.


Make sure you book your entertainment early some artists are booked out, 2 years in advance.


Ok so this may differ, if you have a small crowd that are totally into your style and music style, this is a no brainer, they will love whatever music you choose.

If you have a bigger wedding with mixed tastes and crowd, you would be best to consider all  tastes of music, and have a general mixed bag, lets face it, its the guests who help create a fantastic wedding. I would even suggest allowing people to make music requests. Of course you can block some music, but don’t be mean,  let every one go crazy and make it a wedding to remember not a music education.



Questions for the Band

  1. What time do they need to set up, and what do they need for set up, great for them to see the venue and also when do they pack down – you don’t want the guests interrupted.
  2. How many sets do they do and how long
  3. If members of the band are ill do they have a replacement.
  4. Do they have any technical requirements from you
  5. If an outdoor wedding you need to ask if any special requirements.
  6. Make sure the band are not overpowering ask them this question

Questions for Your DJ

  1. What time do you arrive and how long is set up
  2. Do they have any unedited wedding videos
  3. What time would they leave, and how long is pack down and will this disturb the guests.
  4. How often do they talk and how do they deal with the audience.
  5. Ask about your music requests and will they supply the requests
  6. How do they manage wedding guest requests and can they supply requests


Extra Notes:

Ask any entertainment you are booking,  payment terms for deposit and cancellation policies and balance payment terms.

Back up plan have a music system with playlist on hand just incase for some reason although very unlikely your talent  don’t show up, you are covered with some type of music.



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