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Vegan White Wedding cake



Traditional cake recipes, particularly fluffy white cakes such as are preferred for weddings, are heavily reliant on ingredients that are not suitable for a vegan diet, such as milk and eggs. This is not, however, unavoidable, and it is possible to make satisfying and decadent desserts suitable for diets that exclude animal products.


For a larger wedding cake meant to serve more guests, this recipe can be doubled. (More than doubling is tricky, but not impossible for a baker used to large tasks.) For more intimate gatherings, it can be divided basically indefinitely.


Sift, then measure

14 cups cake flour

Resift with 16 tsp baking powder (double-acting)

2 tsp salt


In a separate bowl, cream 4 cups of shortening

In small amounts, add 8 cups of sugar (sifted) to the shortening; cream until very light


Add the materials from the flour bowl to the mixture in the bowl with the shortening in parts, alternating as you do so with 4 cups of almond milk

Other milks can be substituted here.

After each part, stir your batter until it is smooth.


Beat in 4 tsp vanilla extract

One teaspoon of another extract such as orange or almond can be added here for flavor.


In another bowl, whip:

2 cups of agar powder and

2 cups of cool water

Chill for fifteen to twenty minutes, then whip it. This can be repeated until it is fluffy.


Fold the whipped mixture into the batter.


This is about when you’ll want to start pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees F.


Pour the batter into successive pans of your choice, depending on the desired shape of the final cake. Layers no more than two inches deep are recommended.


Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes (for small pans) to 50 minutes (for very large pans).


Turn the pans in the oven, and check them frequently with a toothpick for doneness, removing the smaller pans, if your design has them, first as they cook faster.


This cake does well in eight- and nine-inch pans, which can then be cut if you are baking a square design or are willing to put the corners of your cake aside.



With an electric mixer, cream 10 cups confectioner’s sugar and 8 ounces of margarine (soy recommended) OR vegan butter with a cocoa butter base.


For a less traditional but more delicious dark chocolate icing, omit two cups of sugar and add two and a half cups of cocoa powder when you add the vanilla, and mix until there are no lumps. (Sifting it beforehand can’t hurt.)


Cream this mixture until it is both thick and well-combined. Electrically mixed, this should not exceed one minute.


Add 1 cup of almond milk or soy milk and 2 tsp of vanilla. Mix another minute, until smooth.


If the icing is not thick enough, add more confectioner’s sugar by small amounts until it reaches the consistency desired by the chef.


Refrigerate the icing for at least ten minutes – likely longer depending on the climate you’re baking the recipe in – and up to twenty four hours, then spread on your fully cool wedding cake.


The cocoa butter version is more akin to traditional, recognizable frostings.


By adding food coloring (to the vanilla version of the icing recipe) and pouring it into a piping bag, this frosting can be used to decorate with.


For the more ambitious, this cake can be iced with large sheets and small decorations of fondant, substituting any gelatin intended to increase the recipe’s malleability and its moldability with agar.


For a denser and less fluffy but moist and flavorful alternate take on this recipe, instead of agar and water that have been whipped, six and a half cups of apple sauce can be used at that stage of the recipe in their place. This substituting produces baked good more akin to cakey breads than fluffy store bought cakes, but relies on an ingredient that is much more easily accessible, so it’s worth keeping in mind.




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