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Monica and Troy’s

Batman  & Comic Themed Wedding



WEDDING DATE26/10/2017

WEDDING LOCATION:   Ceremony at the Middleton Beach Huts South Australia. Reception at Blues Restaurant. They are both located on the same property. The ceremony was in the gardens of the beach huts. As a gift to our family and friends we put them all up for the night of then wedding at the Middleton Beach Huts which was a wonderful added bonus.

WEDDING THEME: Batman/Comic Book theme




With only three months to go until Monica was to embark on a new life in Canada, she met a strapping young lad who was also into punk music, ball sports and of course, The Simpson’s. It took her 3 days after meeting Troy on Boxing Day in 2009 to finally ask “are you really the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?”.

Numerous beer and pizzas later, they knew this was more than just a crush…. who was Monica kidding, she can’t resist a drummer…with ONE tattoo 😉
Before we all knew it, Troy had his ticket booked to Canada and boy were they about to start the most amazing, tough and life changing adventures that to this day still make them laugh and cry.



On the day Troy and myself were getting ready in separate beach huts. We both had a super laid back attitude which made the day more authentic and relaxed for ourselves and everyone I feel showed through our photos.

A wonderful aspect of holding our wedding at the Middleton Beach Huts is that you’re able to book out the entire complex just for your event, it’s quite wonderful. This way we were able to host our guests in a Hut each where they could get ready for the event at their own pace, mingle or have privacy. This helped bring everyone together and keep it more genuine and more family orientated.



There’s a large, grassy area in the center of all the beach huts where our wedding ceremony took place. It’s a perfect little spot to fit quite a few people if needed, with the beach huts as a backdrop. The sun came out quite strongly during the ceremony which made for some beautiful weather for the rest of the day. Our arch had the word “Amity” floating inside of it. We felt this word spoke loudly about us as a couple and as individuals. We then used this later at the reception for our guests to write well wishes on. One fun thing that we opted to do to be a little different on our day was that we didn’t exchange wedding rings, but rather gave each other small, heartfelt gifts. Monica was given a tiny penguin charm, while Troy was given a carved rock – the idea being that some penguins gift rocks to mates in the wild.

After the family photos, we first wandered out the gardens within the Beach Huts grounds, using the greenery and simple decor before heading down to the beach. We then proceeded to be attacked by a dinosaur before running over to nearby the Victor Harbor Bluff for a few photos on the rocky beach. Throughout the night we had a bit more fun taking some zany photos, including a Batman symbol in the sky.



Our cake was very simple vegan sponge cake, with Batman and Bride characters on top with also a penguin by their side. This cake was accompanied by some vegan brownies which didn’t last long at all as the guests gobbled them up! We had simple decorations as the restaurant was so beautiful it did not need much to make it sparkle.

Our table decorations were the same as the wedding flowers. Monica’s Mum along with her Mums best friend made each flower by hand and were created with comic book paper! A small touch that made the groom super happy that we can keep them forever. We printed many photos and strung them up around with pegs as a little feature. This helped our guests reminisce about our relationship journey and was a wonderful way to start conversations with one another.

Overall, we had a really chilled day with non-stop laughs, hugs and plenty of drinks to keep the night pumping. Although our wedding was small, we felt the intimacy was met with our guests and each other as we could eat, drink and connect with the most important people in our lives on our very special day.


Love Monica xxx





DRESS DESIGNER: I found my dress at the Ultimate Bride before they moved locations to Brighton Road. Managed to snag it on sale for $300! Woohoo! I had it altered dramatically to make it exactly what I wanted as I really did struggle to find something to suit my taste. I have decided to donate my dress so that someone else can enjoy it and hopefully love it as much as I did. I am doing this via the Leukemia Foundation at



PHOTOGRAPHER:  Steven Duncan of Sven Studios. @svenstudios

HAIR / MAKE UP:  Tess Davoren @tess_davoren_makeupartist
Tess was such a babe and did all the hair and make up for myself, my maid of honour and my Mum.


Cull the invite list! The best thing for me was keeping it small. This was a positive in many ways.
– I was able to eat the food that everyone raved about. – I was able to drink the gorgeous wine my partner chose just for our day. – I could actually talk to my guests and have lengthier conversations with them. – Having a genuine group of people at my wedding allowed me to enjoy my day and remember it in detail rather than having a rushed day of blurred memories.
My biggest advice is to RELAX…(easier said than done!). Things will happen, things will stuff up and not go according to plan, but at the end of the day, WHO CARES!?!?! You are going to marry your best friend and no miss-hap should ruin that wonderful experience you’ve worked so hard for!
My last piece of advice is BE A BAD ASS! Do what YOU want to do despite fear or judgement from others. There is no rules on YOUR day. Tradition is what YOU make it, so make it your own. x


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