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Old Hollywood Glamour

Vintage Hollywood Glam Wedding

After 10 years together, being engaged for a majority of that time and 2 beautiful children, James and I decided that we really should tie the knot! we set our hearts on a fall wedding, 30/10/17 in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

So after months of planning and researching Old Hollywood Glamour, which we both have a deep love for, we finally set out making things happen!

90% of our wedding was designed and crafted by ourselves to keep costs down.
We enjoy creating things, so for us it was so much more personal and we were getting something truly unique.
Center pieces, guestbook, postbox, invitations, bowties, headpieces… The list goes on!


I didn’t feel happy to pay so much money for real flowers, knowing that a week later they would be lying in my bin…
So I decided very early on that I wanted an alternative that would last a lifetime.

My bouquet was a custom felt flower arrangement by a wonderful artist called Sam Morris ( Who also incorporated our desired wedding colours, metals and feathers in her work, it was very special and personal.
We also had a matching corsage made for our daughter which was so delicate, she did an amazing job and we highly recommend her work.


The morning of the wedding was a calm, yet surreal one. I actually didn’t feel too nervous! More anxious for things to go right and to plan!
I arrived at the ceremony and a lot of the moments leading up to the aisle are a bit of a blur! My headspace was in overdrive with emotions! Most of all, excitement to FINALLY be marrying my best friend.

Seeing his face all overcome with happiness and emotion when he finally saw me, was a great feeling that will stay with me always.
The ceremony room we chose was very white and pale toned, we chose this look to really make my dress pop and stand out.



The weather had been unpredictable all week with heavy rain and even Hail!
But by some miracle, the day of our wedding was dry and sunny!
It didn’t rain all day, which really was a shock.

Our reception was at The Kings Head hotel. A popular spot in Beverley, known for it’s atmosphere.
We had a private room which tailored to our theme and colour palette perfectly. The staff did a fantastic job and made everyone feel welcome and looked after.

The day was perfect and everything we dreamed it would be! Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do a wedding on a budget! We did and it was truly amazing.


Miranda  xxx


WEDDING DATE: 30/10/17

WEDDING LOCATION: Beverley, East Yorkshire

WEDDING THEME: Old Hollywood Glamour

DRESS DESIGNER:   I tried various wedding gowns,
White, cream, ivory, champagne… You name it, I tried it! I just couldn’t settle on a dress!
“WHY CAN’T THEY BE BLACK!?” I said clutching a champagne dress in my hands, stress induced sobbing.
Then it hit me, why not wear black?! It’s my favourite colour and I feel confident in it.

I found a beautiful, fitted, bardot, trumpet gown and instantly fell in love with it!
It was lace and sequin embellished, which to me, resembled mermaid scales. Amazingly it only cost £75!!



PHOTOGRAPHER NAME: After our vows we had a photoshoot with award winning photographer, Aaron Gilpin of La Lumiere photography.

The experience was very relaxed and pleasant and at no point were we made to feel uncomfortable. He melted into the background and captured some amazing shots and we were incredibly happy with the end results.

TIPS FOR FUTURE BADASS BRIDES: Don’t let stress get the best of you! It’s by far the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my entire life! But try to overcome it by talking to close friends and making time to switch off!
Your wedding is supposed to be a special day and it will be, no matter what.

I’d also say not to forget that it is YOUR wedding day! Don’t let people try to manipulate your feelings and don’t lose your head trying to make it the greatest experience for other people! It is YOUR DAY! Do what makes you happy! The people who truly matter in your life will be happy with whatever you chose to do.




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