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Haley Jane and David 




I never believed in fate or serendipity. I had read my share of fairy tales and watched many love at first sight movie plots and shrugged them off, telling myself that it would never happen to me. That was until I met David…Five years ago, I was driving on a summer day right after I graduated college. It was one of those drives that you had no destination in mind, just wanted to feel the sunshine on your face and blast the music as loud as it could possibly go. I hadn’t thought much about what my next move was with my career path, but went driving through a small town on my route and saw a little police department on a side road. Now mind you, I didn’t graduate with a criminal justice degree or have any interest at the time in anything with law enforcement, but something in the back of my mind told me to go in the building and ask if they were hiring 911 dispatchers. I figured if anything, it could be something to use my time up until I figured out my next move in life or my next great adventure



A few weeks later I was hired. As I walked in on my first day, I saw him. He was everything opposite from me. Shy, reserved, and kept to himself. And there I was loud, outgoing, and opinionated. Still, at that moment when I saw him, I knew my world was going to drastically change and I didn’t even know his name yet.
We ended up working on the same shift. When you work midnight shift with someone, 3 am conversations are a lot different than day shift hour conversations. I believe the heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words are. Having worked less than a month together, I called my mom and grandma and told them I met the boy I was going to marry some day.



Right from the start, the bets were stacked against us. Many people thought we weren’t going to last with how different our personalities were. I was the storm and he was the still. But, I believe the happiest couples never have the same character. They just have a better understanding of their differences.
Five years ago I was looking for my next great adventure and I found it: him.


Love Hayley  xxx


Photo Credits: Liv Hefner Photography.




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