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wedding dress - alternative brides



The big proposal has happened, that beautiful, sparkly ring has been placed so gently on your finger and now BOOM! Your mind goes crazy. Most women dream about their wedding from the time they are a little girl but when it finally happens life suddenly becomes filled with madness.

Do you think Cinderella had to answer 1 million questions about the smallest of small details? Probably not! Things were much simpler then. In our modern day society we have become so consumed with pleasing everyone, and having everything just “perfect” that we forget to just be a Bride, enjoy the journey and the real reason for the wedding – Love.

We are going to keep this simple and focus mostly on the dress because everyone seems to obsess over this one item. I mean the real reason people come to your wedding is to enjoy the two of you becoming one, right? They want to experience the Love and exchanging of vows. Uh! No! They want to see the dress (and hopefully a little drama too, let’s be honest)





Tip # 1 – Photo Op

We love when Brides come into the boutique with pictures! Pictures of all sorts but mostly from Pinterest are what we see and we love it! So our first tip is to peruse the internet especially Instagram and Pinterest. Create an inspiration board of gowns you like and share it with your Stylist at the boutique but be ready to answer some questions. If your Stylist is good at her job she will ask you to explain what you like about the photos and to be really honest, sometimes you don’t know what it is that you like. So listen to the inner spirit, your heart will sing and lead you to the perfect gown but to get there your words have to express your dreams. Tip 1 – have pics and tell your Stylist I like the sleeves on this one, the back of this one, the fullness of this one, or the color of this. All of these details paint the picture in the Stylist’s mind and help her introduce you to your Perfect Wedding Dress.


wedding dress - alternative brides

Tip # 2 – How to get the best price for you wedding dress

There are many ways for you to go about getting the best price for your wedding dress. First and probably the easiest is to just ask for a discount at the boutique. Many people don’t know this but most wedding dress designers allow boutiques to offer a small discount, usually 10% off the MSRP on their wedding gowns.  Bridal boutiques do not advertise this and rarely offer it unless there is a special event happening like a trunk show. So just ask for the discount! They won’t be offended and they will probably say Yes! The second way is to shop for your wedding dress online. Now this is something you have to be careful with because there are many websites that use the designer’s picture to promote a knock-off designs that end up being terrible quality and look like rags. The general rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true it is! No authorized retailer is going to sell a Designer wedding dress for $200 if it retails in their store for $1500. There are however many reputable websites that do sell  used wedding dresses for a fraction of the retail price. Check out SellMyDress.com. Many times you can save 50% and sometimes more. There are great deals to be had when buying your wedding dress. You just have to be a savvy Bride. You can even ask the boutique if they will sell you their sample and if they do generally you will get a hefty discount ☺ Just make sure that it can be altered to fit you properly.


Tip # 3 – The Entourage

Oh! The dreaded entourage….what can we say about this? It’s a love hate relationship with the entourage but for the most part they are GREAT! I can tell you that each and every day we share tears with our brides both happy tears and sad tears but always beautiful tears. This journey of finding the perfect wedding dress is emotional, exhausting, stressful, sometimes full of drama, and totally memorable. This is one of the journeys that you have to embrace and not take too seriously. Their thoughts and opinions are of course appreciated and let’s leave it at that. It’s what you love, and what “you” want your fiancé to see you walking down the aisle in. Picture that not their vision.


Tips # 4 – Trust your Stylist

Dang girl! This might be the most important part of your journey to find the perfect wedding dress…for you! That’s right; we mean the right dress for you! Because if we are just being honest we can sell the same dress every day to a million different Brides and the experience is different every single time, which is what inspires our passion. To meet each Bride and their families and hear their stories is amazing and memorable (could probably write a book). Just because you are a simple bride, a rock and roll diva, or a cowboy boot wearing rustic bride the same dress can be perfect for you. So listen to your Stylist even if you don’t think it looks great on the hanger…trust her. She has listened to the quietest hints of what you like and don’t like (hint: your body language and facial expressions tell a story) and has blended them into one and bam! Your perfect dress!

Example; take a look at these gorgeous photos by Wilderly Bride. It is the same dress but two different look so you can see any dress can be the right dress for you and your wedding. (Wilderly Bride By Allure – Fern)


Tip # 5 Do You!

Don’t get sucked into the hype that wedding dresses are designed for certain “types” of weddings. A beach wedding doesn’t mean you have to wear a chiffon, light weight, plain wedding dress. All wedding dresses are versatile and can be worn anywhere your heart desires. The vision of the magical wedding for you is “your” vision, not someone else’s. So if you want a big ball gown on the beach do it! A church wedding can have a simple gown, without all the fluff, lace and traditional elements. It is up to you to design your magical day. You breathe life into your love story every day and you should embody that on your wedding day. Opinions from your family or bridesmaids may be provided (let’s face it they WILL be) but at the end of the day, it is your love story and your photos. So Do You, Girl!!

Shopping for your wedding dress should be “an experience” not just “shopping”.  Your boutique should be warm and cozy with a great chemistry between the staff. This will make each visit to the boutique memorable. Check back soon for more tips on how to find the perfect wedding dress…


Lesley Turner is the co-owner, purchasing manager and operations director of 4 store locations for CC’s Bridal Boutique in Tampa, FL. After spending twelve years in the formal wear and wedding industry a passion inside me took over and led me to dive into a new entrepreneurship endeavor, the creation of SellMyDress.com; a marketplace connecting brides buying and selling wedding dresses online.


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Lesley Turner



wedding dress - alternative brides

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