Gorgeous wedding ideas for 2018

Unique wedding trends for Badass Brides




Neon Wedding Signs

Gorgeous wedding signs that can be used to direct the guests, to show your love

to showcase your name, as a greeting into the wedding.

example company



Neon wedding signs


Wedding Comfort food


How about picnics or a buffet of yummy comfort food, perfect for a laid back wedding

and a guaranteed hit with the wedding party.

Great recipe from Olive magazine

Cheese and Mac Bar

Olive mag


Wedding comfort food 2018


Wedding picnic hampers

Dont you love the idea of a fun. filled wedding in which everyone gets a wedding hamper to sit in the grass or at an outdoor table. The is perfect for a back yard wedding or wedding in a park.

example company

Newmarket Hampers


Wedding hampers 2018


Metallic Wedding cakes

This wedding trend has been around 2017 but will def stretch in to 2018.

everyone loves a stunning wedding cake and a metallic wedding cake just illuminates.


example company

midnight suncakery


wedding metallic cake


Copper and Marble ideas


Copper and marble also a trend in 2017 will stretch over to 2018. everyone love the warmth and the elegance that these 2 elements bring for a perfect wedding day.


Elena Matiash



Wedding capes

Wedding capes have always been around or wedding shawls, the trend for 2018 is  one the top capes as below.

example company

Wedding capes


wedding capes


White wedding dresses with black ribbon

One trend for  wedding dresses 2018, is a white wedding dress accented with a black ribbon.

example company



wedding dress trend 2018




Wedding Arch


Wedding arches and wedding wreaths are simply a gorgeous over the top element you can add to your perfect wedding day.

m2visual studio


wedding arch

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