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Jessica and Jamey

Badass Game of Thrones Wedding

Jamey and I were instantly attracted to each other after meeting at work. When we started dating, he was nervous about introducing me to his brother, who is an avid comic book collector. He knew I was a keeper as soon as his brother met me and we hit it off. Once they found out I loved “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”, I was in the club. Our weekends were filled with comic book conventions and binge watching our favorite shows.



Jamey proposed on June 26, 2016. We had always envisioned an outside wedding in the fall. We set a date that our work schedules would accommodate, and began looking at local venues. Traditional weddings have never appealed to us, and considering the fact that Jamey and I are anything but traditional, we decided that traditional venues were not for us on our special day. We envisioned an intimate ceremony followed by good times with friends. We found a castle nearby, and I began joking about having a “Game of Thrones” themed wedding. While we were touring the place we began imagining medieval banners hanging from the battlements and family sigils in the great hall! We loved the thought of a medieval wedding with everyone dressed in costumes. Kids would be encouraged to sword fight, and we could have games out in the courtyard to keep them entertained. We had our minds made up the second we arrived. As we walked around the castle grounds, we were in awe because we knew that it would be perfect.

We chose our family sigils, with the bride representing House Targaryen and the groom belonging to House Stark. I designed our wedding invitations, which were sealed with wax. Guests were encouraged to dress in Medieval attire.



As the mother of dragons, my bouquet had to be red. I wore two garters: one for House Targaryen and one for House Stark. My something blue was an anklet with blue stones and a dragon. I chose a dress with a slit to feature one of the garters. I gave Jamey a set of cuff links with the House Stark direwolf sigil on the morning of our wedding. We designed our own “House Mayhall” sigil and coat of arms to feature at the reception.

All of the children who wanted to participate were in the procession. My two sons walked me down the drawbridge to meet Jamey. Our wedding began with a cloaking ceremony to symbolize the bride being placed under the protection of the groom. A local DJ performed the ceremony with a perfect accent and dressed as a scepter. We wrote our own ceremony and vows, which included a hand-fasting. After the ceremony, guests were ushered to the pavilion while we spent some time alone to unwind and enjoy ourselves. As my husband and I walked across the castle lawn to the reception, we could hear the children playing and having a fantastic time just as we had imagined.


The reception was a Medieval banquet with a feast fit for a king. We sat at the head table surrounded by tables decorated with sigils from each family. Guests were provided crystal and silver goblets as their drinking vessels. The kids even had their own table with crowns, swords, and shields to decorate. The wedding cake was topped with a chest filled with dragon eggs. After dessert, we brought out the bubbly, cranked up the music, and  danced the night away. Everyone had a wonderful evening!

Following the reception, guests lined the castle drawbridge with sparklers for our grand exit. After the bouquet and garter toss, the feasting and merriment continued at our house with a bonfire and s’mores.

It was the most perfect day we could have ever imagined! If we could, we would relive it a thousand times. Having a wedding that encompassed everything that we love was so relaxing and fun!



Love Jessica xxx


WEDDING THEME:  Game of Thrones

WEDDING DATE:  October 29, 2016


Castle Pines
Home of Chestershire Castle
Luray, TN


Chiffon Gown with a High Slit and Halter Tie Back by David’s Bridal  – Cost: $299


PHOTOGRAPHER:  Ashley Shelby. amshelby


Hair by April Stults at Salon Elite
Makeup by Rachel Kimbrell at Salon Elite


Looking back, I would not change a thing about our wedding day. We threw convention to the wind. Just remember what brought you to this day. Everything should be geared towards making you both happy (not your best friend or your mom). Don’t be afraid to do things your way, and I promise it will be worth it.






Jessica and Jamey

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