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Allison & Joe

Elope for a gorgeous

Beachy Boho Badass Wedding in Hawaii

When I first met Joe, it was in a client setting but we instantly started talking about music. I thought, “cool…a guy my age who still listens to Faith No More and Skinny Puppy.” After about 7 months, he told me one day how he felt. From that point, I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude like I had never known.

Initially, we didn’t have a plan for when or where we’d get married. This was the second marriage for both of us. I had done a winter goth thing and he did a faerie themed ceremony, so I wanted to do something completely opposite. Much easier said than done for someone who wears black every single day! At some point, I thought about doing it on the beach in Hawaii. That night, I mentioned it to Joe and he said he thought of the same location earlier in the day as well. Success!

Once we decided on the location, we knew we wanted to elope at sunset. Focus on the two of us and not worry about planning an event. I’m not what you’d call a traditional kind of girl, but there were certain elements I wanted to incorporate. New/old/borrowed/blue. A bouquet. And all of that mixed with non-traditional and what felt true to Joe and I.

We had to drive to the location together, but I did keep my dress completely secret and wore a long robe in the Jeep to the beach. The officiant walked with me to meet Joe and the photographer for the reveal where we had the ceremony. There was a basic structure for the ceremony, but it was much more casual than if we had an audience of family and friends. We soaked in the moment and had a photo shoot in the same spot and it felt like the beach was ours. We stayed in Maui for another 5 days and enjoyed each other and our new adventure!

Love Allison xxx


Tips for Brides xx 

Breathe and enjoy the moment. Many of the details will fade into the breeze, so remember to soak in the experience.

Wedding date:
29 September 2017
Wedding Location: 
Paia, HI (Maui)
Baldwin Beach
Myriam von Rohmy
Hair and Makeup
Myself! Lots of YouTube tutorials.
Sean M Hower
Allison and Joe
Allison and Joe


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