Cool cheap wedding ideas :)
Cool cheap wedding ideas 🙂


Affordable wedding ideas

  1. Pick up a second hand or vintage wedding ring and save a bundle, either through, eBay, hock shops, or antique stores or markets. You can find that perfect wedding ring or engagement ring, just do research and have patience.
  2. Have your wedding on a non popular wedding day, midweek you can save a ton. ring around, even barter.
  3. Find a different venue, maybe not a typical  wedding venue and it may have better prices, maybe in a non obvious area too.
  4. Have a  wedding at a house, you can rent with maybe a pretty garden, you could possibly get caterers in and save,  maybe do lush finger food thats plentiful and yummy or buffet,   Here you can have your wedding and reception in one. Just make sure people can taxi in or out,  or park.
  5. Use your friends as the photographer, especially if you have a few people with great cameras on there phone, you will get amazing photo’s.
  6. Oh if you have your own venue, yes you can save here,  you can bring your own alcohol,  no corkage and so much cheaper.
  7. Make a cake yourself, and I mean a rustic style cake, buy a few sponges, decorate with cream and fruit  on the inside, sprinkled with icing sugar on the outside,  and then decorate with fruit and flowers on the outside. Looks great and super easy to do, check out our naked cakes feature. affordable wedding cake ideas
  8. Ah… don’t over invite people, do you really need to invite everyone you know ?
  9. Before you book a venue, really read your contract, make sure you know all the costs, they don’t always mention service and tax in the bill.
  10. Make your own decorations, you can create great table settings from the dollar/pound store and  create magic wedding decorations. save save save.
  11. Make your own wedding invitations, so many ideas, you will find great people on etsy, to make beautiful invites, or how about digital invites, thats FREE.
  12. Wedding dresses don’t have to be new, you can buy on eBay,  wedding social forums, even Oxfam sell barely used dresses. Or to be honest there is so many great new dresses you can buy, new  check our Wedding dresses of the month we cover all budgets. You don’t have to have a ” wedding dress,  many shops sell gorgeous prom gowns, or just elegant floor length dresses.
  13. Wedding flowers, ask a friend to make bouquets for you, if you don’t want anything too complex as long as they are reliable, or you can make faux flowers yourself, buy the bits you need online, or from a haberdashery shop, plus its fun to make.
  14. Check online for coupon/ voucher discount codes to save.
  15. Get married in a pub garden and have a buffet in a function room, perfect.
  16. Elope 🙂
  17. Get married off season.
  18. Backyard wedding with a buffet.  Make your own wedding wooden alter frame ,decorate with flowers and  go to a carpet shop and get off cuts, to make a beautiful walkway for the bride, hire plastic chairs, and  buy cheap organza wedding chair bow covers from china to cover the chairs. hang some vintage large frames in the garden for fun photo opp’s, you can buy from second hand shops.
  19. Hire a Dj instead of. a band and save, or better still if any friends like to spin vinyl, have a turntable and speakers this could be fun.
  20. Check out our Wedding budget planner to keep an eye on your budget tool

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