Fun modern Wedding ideas with a modern twist

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Cool Modern Ideas for your wedding day



Sometimes you can make your wedding day run a little smooth with some modern ideas.

So basically your updating old ideas with a fun twist. :



  1. Live stream your wedding or party, super fun and this way relatives or friends who can not make it, can jump on board. e.g. Facebook, Snapchat and even periscope.

  2. Build a website that has all the information you need for the wedding, location, details on the day, food menus , travel and some will allow you to do a RSVP so you can everything in one place. you can even do digital invites.

  3. Choose a fun wedding theme for your wedding. personally anything fun,  e.g:, gangster 1920’s this is a very fun easy wedding to do. Clothes are very easy to get, and you can decorate the venue accordingly,  and if lucky the wedding cars can match this too.

  4. Fun photo booths, these can be do it yourself, its fun with picture frames, or can simply make a frame you can set up in a room and incorporate fun props and furniture. You can then entice people to come in for a fun shoot.

  5. Cupcakes instead of Wedding cakes, yep cute, pretty and yummy and you can save a million bucks.

  6. Create a hashtag for your  wedding for Instagram or Facebook, a great way to see your fun photo’s your friends and family take.

  7. Skipping a church and get married in a venue or fabulous grounds.

  8. Skipping the seating chart, chilled out and laid back and more social, people can wander and sit with people they really want too, and in turn everyone has a fun time.

  9. Non formal sit down meal, a ton of yummy finger foods, it works just make it plentiful and tasty.

  10. D.I.Y favours and decorations  such a fun creative idea, much more personal and makes you feel more involved, its fun to make your own favours and fun creating, table centre pieces etc.. and you may save money.

  11. Miss matched Bridemaids dresses – letting the bridesmaid choose the dress that suits them, of course as long as you approve – happy bridesmaids 🙂 happy wedding.

  12. Colourful non traditional wedding dresses. so many brides are stepping away from traditional dresses e.g. Tie dye- bright loud colours and even black – why not its your wedding. check our wedding dresses of the month for fun ideas.

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