Wedding Guest Mistakes

Wedding Guest Mistakes

Top 10 Wedding Guest Mistakes

Weddings are always supposed to be fun and exciting for guests and newlyweds alike, there’s a lot of pressure on the bride and groom on their big day. So a little thought from the guests to help Make this union so much fun and perfect for them. You do not want to  fall under the list of top 10 wedding guest mistakes

Weddings are the culmination of all the love that bring the bride and groom together, and celebrating that happiness with the people who mean the most to you. Weddings are simply a celebration of love, so little tips to make it  smooth will go a long way


  1. Bringing someone who was not invited/failing to RSVP but turning up/arriving
  2. Forgetting to turn the ringer off your mobile phone for the ceremony or speeches
  3. Getting drunk/rowing and causing a scene
  4. Inappropriate outfit choices
  5. Posting on social media when asked not to
  6. Being too aggressive when trying to catch the bride’s bouquet
  7. Arriving empty handed – not bringing  a gift or at least a wedding card
  8. Wearing white
  9. Be on time – its not cool to be late
  10. Filming the wedding







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