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If you love old Hollywood like I do, this elegant era is an open source of wedding Inspo. You can have a spectrum of era’s and ideas to create the prefect wedding theme, from old hollywood signs, to director chairs, to a sultry homage to Film Noir.

There are so many great wedding dresses out there, to accompany the perfect Classic Hollywood theme or vintage era for all budgets.

Even for the gentleman dapper, perhaps a classic Hollywood movie star style,  1920’s gangster,  or classic 1940s -1950’s.

Vintage hair styles that are really good, are always essential to a great vintage Wedding outfit in the Hollywood theme. There are a few great vintage stylists out there, for men and women. Stylists  are not really often found at hairdressers, as its a dedicated skill, that takes a lot of practice, and general hairdressers are not trained for vintage styles, so I suggest  do your research, and Facebook and Instagram is a great place to find these amazing stylists.

( always check there photo’s e.g:  Instagram )  quality hair styles can make a difference to your whole outfit.



I have complied a small list for Inspiration for the  Hollywood Gentleman .


Revival Vintage

Hollywood wedding theme’s don’t get much better than a vintage Trilby or fedora, Revival has a great shop for vintage all round. Your wedding vintage emporium.

Revival Vintage

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Tweedmans vintage

Another amazing Company for Vintage styles for men,  for that ultimate Hollywood Inspo, would be Tweedmans vintage, so many great jackets, suits and accessories, all from the 1940’s to 1960’s.

tweedmans vintage




One of my fav shops for men is Morello’s,  they make Vintage Repro in the style of 1940’s and 1950’s. The shop is for ladies and men, but has an abundance of quality clothing at a great price, and oh so stylish.





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