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Me and George met on 8th November 2016, and the same day we decided to be in a relationship.

I would define myself as the typical alpha woman, tattooed, head shaved, with an aggressive look, and masculine attitude, and he looks like a viking, with delicate facial features and he’s a musician with high sensibility.

It was love at first sight, and it immediately worked. Three weeks later we moved in toghether: we both were coming out from two long relationships, we had wasted so much time, “it either works, or not” we said.

At the beginning of the year, we were watching a tv show on our couch, and he asked me to marry him, initially I didn’t take him seriously, I started laughing and joking about it.

I am pagan, he doesn’t really define himself religiously, but we share the same universal vision, we wanted to have a wedding that would have stayed in our beloved ones memories, so we decided to go for a pagan ritual.

We got married on 11th June of this year, the location was Il Podere di Binse (Fagnano Olona,Varese), following a shabby chic style, surrounded by nature, with celtic music accompanying.

One of my best friends celebrated our union (Monica Casalini – pagan priestess).

The guests arrived at 15.00pm and at 16.00pm  the ceremony started, followed by the aperitif-dinner, games, pranks and pictures with the guests.

Except for my pagan friends, nobody knew what to expect from the ceremony and the bride: The guests were so suprised by the classic style of my dress,thinking about my eccentricity, and being unusual in general, that day I tried to come out my own way, holding to the classic bride look.

On the day many people with different religious beliefs, we were all united under the same happiness. Everybody appreciated the ceremony, the ritual, it was very meaningful and touching.

Frens xxx


Photography: @ilaxphotography
Bracelet & Hairpiece: @stellanera_jewelry
Make-up artist: @qq_elisa


Well I’m standing in the chapel
Wearing my white dress
I have waited for this moment
With tears of happiness
Here I leave behind my past
By taking the chance
I’ve finally found The right man
My husband 💟
🎶I’m older but you’re wiser than anyone can see
Your patient like no other has even been with me
Your eyes take me to places
I’d never dreamt about
Your voice is the only music I can’t do without 🎶
I choose you this day & every day 💏

  1. i confirmed….she’s so badass but also sweet and a really good friend..and George a beautiful person! loved every elementa of the entire ceremony!😊
    love you my beautiful friend!❣️😊

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