One element unique to weddings ‎is the wedding cake itself and the ritual of the bride and groom standing together jointly cutting the first slice in front of the assembled guests looking on in admiration. It’s a combination of theatre and art, and a ‘cementing’ moment of the proceedings of the special day.

Traditional cakes are iced white, adorned with piped decoration, tiered, and topped with an effigy of the happy couple. They are gorgeous, time intensive creations.  In fact, it’s almost criminal to dismember them with a knife and then engage everyone in devouring them slice by slice. 

The downside of traditional wedding cakes is their enormous cost and also the uniformity of all slices being basically identical. ‎ 

There’s scope for a BadAss alternative here, tailored to the uniqueness of a personalized wedding…..

Instead of a single traditional cake, opt for a whole selection of cupcakes made specifically to be in keeping with the theme of your unique wedding. 

This is exactly what my wife and I did for our exceptionally BadAss Rockabilly wedding as shown in the photograph below. We had a selection of multicolored creations made, and presented them alongside our alternative bride and groom ‎figures. The cakes sat atop 3 tiered stands made from vintage records; a 7” 45 rpm top tier, a 10” 78 rpm middle tier, and a 12” 33 1/3 rpm bottom tier; VERY rock ‘n’ roll. 

BadAss Cupcakes

Everyone loved the concept: So much so, that while I personally did not get to eat a single cupcake, other people indulged heavily, and even took some home

It was a great idea (of my artistic wife) and I would recommend this cost saving measure to everyone who wants to personalize their event.

Colours, shapes, sizes and designs are all unrestricted, so do what you want to craft your individual menu. Let your imaginations run wild:  You, your guests, and your pocket will love it!

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