Fun wedding gift ideas – Alternative wedding gift ideas


I thought it would be super fun to show some examples of awesome wedding present ideas.

I love these ideas, as they def beat the old School toaster idea, and bring more of a personal and more meaningful touch as a gift idea.


badass bride wedding present ideas

1) Personalized art work, this is a sensational idea, commission an artist to create artwork that has a personal memory for the happy couple, a special moment in time e.g: the wedding venue,  portrait, family, a special treasured memory for them.


badassbride wedding gift

2 )  The thought of a vintage wine hamper is such a great present, and Im so sure if the happy couple love wine, this would be a an appreciated gift.


3)  Food lovers may love this idea. Some people are totally love with romantic meals, or just an excuse for a night out.
An idea is a voucher for a fantastic snazzy restaurant, an over the top food experience, maybe a place the happy couple would never afford normally, a place of beautiful food with  great atmosphere.


badass bride wedding gifts

4) Love, Love, Love, this idea, how about a rose bush or 2, for the happy couple, they can watch the roses grow and blossom, like their own relationship.


badass bride wedding gift

5)  last but not least, a double hammock, personally anything to do with chillin is a great present idea. Hammocks are generally known to be hung outside, but some do use them in their own house. A great fun idea.





Hope you like these fun ideas 🙂

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