Badass wedding photo

July Photo Pic 🙂



Editors pic of fabulous photo’s for the month of July 2017

This is a fun monthly feature, to showcase amazing pictures by fabulous photographers.

So we will choose 5  stunning pictures, and we will showcase the the artistry of the photographer.

We hope you enjoy xxx

please note – not in any particular order 🙂



 1) Samuel Docker

Instagram – Samuel Docker photography

Website – Samuel Docker

Badass wedding photo


2)  Chris Barber

Instagram – Chris barber photography

Website – Chris Barber

Badass wedding photos


3)  Gold and Grit

Instagram – Gold and Grit

Website – Gold and Grit Anna Russell

Badass wedding pics


4)  Mark Crayden

Instagram – Mark Crayden Photography

Website – Crayden Wedding photography

badass wedding photography


5)  Natalie Randle

Instagram – Natalie Randle photography

Website – Natalia M Photo

badass wedding photo rock roll


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