Awesome Wedding Favours from Etsy

This will be one of many posts, as its one of my favourite subjects.

The creativity behind wedding favours.

Im basically going to show you, some great ideas, that will get your imagine going,

hope you enjoy this fun selection.


Compact purse mirrors

These are fantastic, and can be any decade, and very affordable.

So many styles and era’s, and you can even get them made with engraving and your  image, if you go through a promotion company.

Try this company : Collectique


Homemade Infused Oils

This is a delightful idea, you can buy this, or make yourself, and there is many small companies, like on Etsy that create these.

If you make yourself, you just need some little bottles, olive oil and various herbs too infuse the flavour, e.g: Rosemary, Chilli, Basil.

Try this company : Sunshine parties


Vinyl cd and Covers

Love this idea so much, you can create your own cd’s, all you need is a CD burner and a great play list, and you can share the songs that mean so much to you with your guests.

You can buy blank covers, and design and print yourself, or you can buy them designed and just record the music yourself.

There are lots of companies that do the whole package, but its much cheaper to burn the cd’s yourself and so much more personal with your hard work and love input.

A great wedding invite gift too xx

Try this company : RockPaperHandmade


Temporary Tattoos

I love this idea so much, and it’s just silly in a great way, wouldn’t it would be super fun if the wedding party got in on the spirit, and started applying them at the wedding, this could  add a bit of fun to your event.

Try this company : LesTatoues


Personalized tea towels

This is a cute idea, a little more on the budget, but may work for you, personalized tea towels are a fun thoughtful idea and really useful.  Could be a wedding invite too.

Try this company : AweBeeDesigns


Seed Favour Bags

So affordable and very nice, as its a total environment thoughtful idea and personalized.

Try this company : ThePaperShoppeCA


Tea cup shabby chic gift box

Great idea, you can buy the template, and print off as many as you like, you just need the ink, correct card and scissors and some dedicated time, very affordable.

The beauty is once its all done, you can fill with up with hard candy, chocolate any sweets you like.

Try this company : ALittleDifferentCard

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